Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

There’s no simple answer to the question “why dogs are better than cats?” These two cute animals have long been humans’ most sought-after companion, to the extent that there are people labeled “cat person” or “dog person.” However, if this is going to be your first time having a dog at home, here are the reasons why you have made a great decision.

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

They are always happy to see you

While these can be considered anecdotal accounts, many people have said that dogs have many reasons to be hilarious, and they respond cheerfully whenever you call their name. Unlike cats that’ll mostly ignore, right? Dogs’ kisses are also the best, and it seems that they’re also always happy. These are several reasons why:

  • Traditional Pack Structures

Since dogs consider us within their traditional pack structure, you can naturally expect them to be particularly cheerful and welcoming at you. Face licking and other gestures dogs make at us are several ingrained instincts and habits formed since a long time ago. If you ever observe, wild dogs and wolves have always greeted each other with behaviors your dog at home does to you.

  • Family

Dogs consider you many things: parent, best friend, teacher (for those fun trick lessons!), loved one, and perhaps even life companion. In this sense, they value being family with you and “practically worships you.”

  • Imprint from A Young Age

This reason is an extension of the previous one. For those raising their dogs from puppies or at a super young age, they’ll certainly grow accustomed to you from their early memories. It’ll later result in an unadulterated happiness thanks to their imprint on their owners. They’ll practically consider you their parents, which actually reflect back to how the reverence for age happens within wolf packs. Smaller and younger members of the pack will be kept safe and sound, while the older ones do the hunting and bringing home food.

They can protect you in times of danger

dogs protect you
dogs protect you

In general, it’s safe to say that pets will form a special bond with their owners after some time. However, dogs’ loyalty is something way beyond. It makes them so admirable; part of why dogs are better than cats. These are the reasons why dogs are fiercely loyal to the point they can be overprotective:

  • Family

Again, this reason! In this sense, dogs that have been raised for a long time by someone or people will consider them their closest families. It’s just like raising kids! With this in their mind, they’ll instinctively try to protect you from what they find unfamiliar or threatening. According to Scottsdale Pet Hotel, dogs’ protectiveness “comes from a dog’s wolf ancestors and centuries of breeding.

  • Good Treatment

We have been pressing the point of dogs being fiercely loyal, but it doesn’t mean that you should take it for granted just like that. Dogs’ loyalty is something earned, even if they’re naturally born with it. Treat them right, and they’ll repay your kindness by making sure to be always by your side. They know and understand the way you take care of them, as they’re brilliant as well.

  • Previous Abuse

This reason is actually an extension to the previous one, and it can either apply to your dog or not. When dogs were used to being in abusive ownership or harsh treatment, they perceived that as a horrible experience.

Remember, they’re entirely aware of how their owners treat them! If you’re now caring for them, feeding them sweet food, and giving them love, they’ll see that this generous gesture is utterly different from what’s in their past. They’ll then try to reciprocate your kindness with their infamous loyalty!

Dogs keep you active

With its dynamic nature, dogs love to roam and journey around. For those yearning for a more active lifestyle, dogs offer you a steady chance of motivating you exercising every day:

  • Using Those Muscles

With dogs’ nature to roam around, you’ll inevitably grab, hold, and pull the leash following their moves. It’s also the same for your legs! Just count this as an indirect exercise.

  • Walk and Walk

The outside world can be considered the dogs’ natural habitat. Dogs are just like kids who love exploring sceneries, run around, and play with nature. With them walking like this, obviously, you have to follow them, too.

  • Rain or Shine

Even during the rain, your dog needs to get out and have that fresh smell of nature. Allocating 20 minutes walk for this is worth so much even when you have your Netflix movies and TV series lined up for the day!

  • Exercise Buddies

Many dog owners love to teach their furry friends tricks or exercising routines like playing fetch, swimming, hiking, and jogging. Dogs always love to welcome the opportunity to have fun with you! Moreover, doesn’t it feel more exciting when you see your cute dog wagging his tail happily at you?

  • Training Partners

When you have no one to exercise or train together for the day, why not just invite your dog instead? There are so many exercises that can be done with dogs. Moreover, you’ll also give your dog a chance to stay physically and mentally fit.


Many say that dogs are man’s best friend. So, is it also why dogs are better than cats? We know that there’s no easy answer to this question. Cats and dogs are both beautiful pets, and choosing either will still give you valuable experience.

However, we hope that you’re entertained with what we have provided! Dogs make for a great friend or even life companion in general, and you should be proud of yourself for having adopted one into your life. It’s time to make all the best memories!

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